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Why write a business plan? Simple: The business plan is the blueprint for your business. If you wanted to build a house, you wouldn’t walk over to an empty lot and just start nailing boards together. Starting a business without a business plan is just as risky!



Cannabis Dispensary Business Outline

Want to open a cannabis dispensary but don't know where to start? This guide helps you navigate your way into becoming a successful cannabis dispensary owner.

Customizable plans

Cannabis Dispensary Business Plan

A complete cannabis business plan package is everything you need to create a 100% legally compliant professional business plan for cannabis retail business with expert financials and projections.

Customizable business outline | overview

Receive a customizable overview of your specific business and the things you would need to get it started.

Basic Customizable Business Plan​

PDF & DOC Formats | Custom Design Cover Page | Executive Summary | Mission Statement | Company Summary | Start-up Summary | Products/Services | Market Analysis | SWOT Analysis | Marketing Strategy | Sales Forecast | Management Summary | Profit and Loss

Intricate Customizable Business Plan - Investor Ready Plan

Executive Summary | Mission Statement | Company Summary | Start-up Summary | Products/Services | Market Analysis | SWOT Analysis | Competitive Edge | Marketing Strategy | Sales Forecast | Management Summary | Financial Plan | Break-Even Analysis | Profit and Loss | Cash Flow Chart | Balance Sheet | Cash Flow Table | Objectives | Sales Strategy | Keys to Success | Web Plan Summary | Web Marketing Strategy | Strategy & Implementation | Value Proposition | Key Financial Indicators | Monthly year 1 numbers | Future Products/Services | Organizational Chart | Business Ratios | Valuation | Investment Analysis | Sales Sheet/Brochure


I Am Elaine M.

With close to 10 years of business and personal credit experience expertise, I helped build and grow thousands of companies and helped over 10,000 join the Home of The 700 Club. In the constantly changing field of business development and credit, it is my mission to provide individuals and small businesses with the skills to master the critical tactics and strategies that will drive their business and personal growth.

Why Elaine One?

Knowledge is power or “scientia potestas est”. This equation was quoted by Francis Bacon in 1597. But what does it mean to you? Elaine One Solutions was created based on the drive to educate people on what they never learned in school. Primarily how important credit is, how to maintain it, and how to keep your business credit separate from your personal credit.