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Elaine's Financial Literacy Guide

Need financial and credit assistance and don't know where to start? Click the link below for a simplified, yet intricate guide to financial success!

Educate Yourself

Education and experience are the only tools that gives knowledge. It is no secret that a good education has the power to change lives. We offer many resources that you can utilize to educate yourself.

Your credit report is one of the most important things in your financial portfolio. The things lying therein could make or break your financial status. Knowing your financial health is the first step to financial success. Click the link below to check your credit report across all 3 major credit bureaus for $1.

Do something About It

We created a step by step multi-module video course teaching you how to fix your own credit and how to assist your family members in doing the same! Personal Credit is often scoffed at until it is time to buy a home, a car, land that PERFECT  career, occupation, or even receive a job promotion. Don’t allow inaccurate or outdated information to hold you back from accomplishing your goals! Start Today! 

Want Us to Help You Join The 700 Club?

No problem! Sometimes DIY projects can be stressful. Although we always recommend the do-it-yourself method FIRST, we are always here to assist with the more problematic accounts and situations. Click the link below to become one of our Elite 700 Club Members.



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We Believe In Hard Work And Dedication

Knowledge is power or “scientia potestas est”. This equation was quoted by Francis Bacon in 1597. But what does it mean to you? Elaine One Solutions was created based on the drive to educate people on what they never learned in school. Primarily how important credit is, how to maintain it, and how to keep your business credit separate from your personal credit.

Our goal was to educate as many people as possible. We set out to explore the many ways to spread a message of encouragement and hope through Facebook Live, Youtube features, and primarily through meeting with the public. We found our message drew a lot of attention and people started to move ahead and progress.